Work in Progress and Completed Series

Redaction In A Minor

Currently a work in progress. Continue reading


Completed Sept 2015 This series started as a conversation with other artists about the relative affordability of art. I decided that it was possible to create a series based upon the idea that just about anyone can afford to own an original piece of art. I started with the idea I had started riffing on … Continue reading


Completed March 2015 Meditations is a series inspired by textile surface design techniques and Rorschach ink blots. Each layer of paint settled into the paper like sinking into a yoga pose, gradually taking on the prescribed form. The paper saturated with acrylic paint and water was hung to dry, encouraging additional flow along the paper fibers. … Continue reading


MicroZoo is a contemplation on how the world is full of wonder, with science our society’s new magic. So often what hits the news are discoveries of huge proportions; new galaxies, touring Mars via rover, or listening to the music of comets. But what of the small beauties so infinitesimal that even if they were right under our nose we would not be able to see them without aide? What if you didn’t even need to travel to the stars to visit an alien world full of beasts that baffle the imagination? I collected a micro menagerie of terrestrial creatures and drew them in a scale that can not escape notice. Continue reading

My Dreams Are Blue

Completed April 2014 – Dreams are ethereal; the harder I try to remember them the quicker they slip from my grasp. In the end I may remember vague shapes or perhaps a theme, but in the end it is like reaching through water into a field of distortion for small bits of meaning and folly…and yet … Continue reading

Spring is Coming

Completed September 2013 – Winter is a hardship. There is less light and days are short. Inward we retreat from the harsh cold to hibernate and dream of the spring. Life turns through seasons of joyful abundance and bitter sadness. Take heart…Spring is Coming… Continue reading

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