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The artistic process behind “Traversing Marrakech”

My artistic process is a little unusual; all work evolves from a very general concept until it is finished…the tools and techniques used will dictate a path, an apparent roadblock ends up altering the original concept to an even better one, or I realize while working that an element I hadn’t originally considered is needed.

I start with an idea…  “Wouldn’t it be cool to use this map from Marrakech in something?  I took a bunch of pictures while walking around Marrakech…I’d like to use those too.  How can I translate into the work how confusing it was to get around in a city with labyrinthine alleyways with few if any signs to navigate by, savage heat beating down on the dusty streets, and the startling beauty that wound throughout the city’s ancient architecture?”

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First I painted some wood blocks different pastel colors and  treated the map of Marrakech with clear acrylic polymer then cut into squares.   Next I removed most of the paper from treated map pieces leaving the ink that had bonded with the polymer so the maps had a bit of a translucent quality to them.

I cut the maps further following streets and then pasted them to the blocks.  Next I used some acrylic paint to show the route walked and topped with some turn by turn directions I had distressed with sepia paint.

While this was drying I worked with some of the photos I took in Marrakech, altering them in my computer and then printing them out.  I pasted them ink side down on each block with more acrylic polymer and let thoroughly dry.   Once dry I carefully removed the paper to reveal the images below.  To seal the collage I poured a different kind of polymer on top that is specially formulated to enable puddling without crazing (crack) while drying.  To release the surface tension and eliminate air bubbles I lightly sprayed with isopropyl alcohol.  The last step is the hardest as you need to wait for the entire thing to dry, however once dry you have something quite unique.

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