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Artistic Genesis

A blank canvas or screen can be imposing and intimidating, yet there are people who always seem to be able to come up with unique ideas. What could the artistic genesis behind it all be? While the method I use may not work for everyone, it will give some more insight into the process I have found to be the most successful when running into a road block. I start with a theme and choose colors. The featured images gives some insight into what my next series is going to be about and a few of the colors I have chosen. After looking at it for a while if you guessed water or the sea you would be right on track. I used a variety of materials to get the effect shown – but in the end the most important part is to get a base that I can start evolving; similar to looking at clouds in the sky; the end painting will eventually emerge and is completely dependent upon the base. One brush stroke begets the next. I’ll have another update when the paintings are further along next week.

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