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Spaceworks Announces 5 New Artscapes Installations

Woohooo! Thanks @spaceworkstacoma for the opportunity!

Spaceworks Tacoma

On Display December 31, 2014 – April 16, 2015


Five new Artscapes installations are currently being installed in the old Woolworth storefront windows (corner of 11th & Broadway), and the Tacoma Post Office Building display cases (1102 A Street). The projects will debut during Tacoma’s First Night celebration on New Year’s Eve! The artists selected for this round include Barbara De Pirro, Jennifer Chinn, Elise Konscek, Anastasia Zielinski, and a group exhibition titled “GENERIS 01T: ZIP CODE” curated by Susan Surface. This marks the 14th round of commissioned exhibitions brought to you by Spaceworks Tacoma.

Here are details on each installation:

zielinski_mockup (Mock-up image for final installation) On the corner of 11th & Broadway, a large Woolworth window is bustling with golds, silvers, shimmering fabrics, and shattered mirrors by artist Anastasia Zielinski. Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Anastasia has been focused on creating worlds through texture and color, transforming…

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