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MicroZoo Menagerie Now On Display

Just a few short weeks ago I took on the challenge of completing 9 large scale drawings for an Artscapes installation in the downtown Tacoma Post Office Building to be hung by December 31st. Its been a while since I have drawn, as the last five years my work has been exclusively painting and collage. Compared to these processes that take days to dry before being able to add more layers, drawing provides the near immediate satisfaction of working from start to finish in hours.

The concept for MicroZoo was seeded into my conscience during brunch. While chatting with a friend about how her daughter was fascinated with microbiology, I contemplated how the world is full of wonder, with science our society’s new magic. So often what hits the news are discoveries of huge proportions; new galaxies, touring Mars via rover, or listening to the music of comets. But what of the small beauties so infinitesimal that even if they were right under our nose we would not be able to see them without aide? What if you didn’t even need to travel to the stars to visit an alien world full of beasts that baffle the imagination? I collected a micro menagerie of terrestrial creatures and drew them in a scale that can not escape notice. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. These drawings as well as six paintings from My Dreams Are Blue series will be up through April 16th, 2015.

Thanks @spaceworkstacoma for the challenge!

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