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Next up: Peek-A-Boo Art and 50 Shades of Blue

Thanks so much @spaceworkstacoma & Lisa Kinoshita for the lovely write up!

Spaceworks Tacoma

A scene from the subconscious? "Sneak Peek" by Elise Koncsek. Scenes from the subconscious: “Sneak Peek” by Elise Koncsek.

Two new Artscapes exhibits will engage viewers not with a shout but a whisper. Sneak Peek, an art installation by Elise Koncsek at the Woolworth Windows, invites passersby to glimpse through peepholes to discover intricate tableaux of the artist’s imagination. My Dreams Are Blue/MicroZoo Menagerie, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jennifer Chin at the Tacoma Post Office Building, plumbs the artist’s obsession with piercing, oceanic shades of blue.

2015-01-23 12.01.24 Not what it seems to be: Koncsek’s installation at 11th & Broadway.

For on-the-go pedestrians, Sneak Peek‘s intention is easy to miss. Koncsek has covered two of the Woolworth Windows with fabric, adding simply shaped cutouts with peepholes at both child- and adult-eye levels. From a distance, the windows resemble playschool artwork. One must move closer to discover the small peek holes. Koncsek says the artwork is meant to…

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