Current Work

So what does your studio look like?

Seriously meStudio Clutterssy!

As you can probably imagine, as this challenge moves along my space is getting more cluttered by the hour with scraps of paper and little experiments. While working on one set of 20 I’m basically planning out the next…which leads my studio to look like this. Additionally, when posting daily paintings to Instagram I’m looking at what gets “liked” the most and am altering future compositions to see what will move the “like” needle higher. This is your chance to influence where my compositions go as I continue through this challenge.

If you look closely at my studio picture you might notice some interesting elements that will start to invade the paintings…and bits of paintings past that might find a new life down the line. Consider this a sneak peak of next week’s set of 20 🙂

Anyway…enjoy this week’s 20 of ProtoNext!

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