My Dreams Are Blue

Completed April 2014 – Dreams are ethereal; the harder I try to remember them the quicker they slip from my grasp. In the end I may remember vague shapes or perhaps a theme, but in the end it is like reaching through water into a field of distortion for small bits of meaning and folly…and yet I always try…

My paintings in this series are very process and time driven. Deep pours of acrylic are affected by gravity, cracking textures are created through controlled chance (the thicker the paint the larger the cracks, the thinner the finer the cracks), with the bottom layer painted with viscous string like paint. The blue theme is reminiscent of water and the comfort I feel while floating – gravity seems to be suspended for a delightful moment.  Each painting evolved while I worked and reworked them, and the titles give a hint into the unique themes that emerged. Each layer of paint would take between 24 to over 48 hours to dry; the entire series took 6 months to complete.