Traversing Merrakech

Completed October 2013 – I spent a week in Marrakech during June of 2013.  What made this trip particularly crazy for me was I didn’t have data on my phone, so my trusty turn by turn directions weren’t working except when I found free wifi…which was few and far between.  Directions that seemed so easy to follow at the riad faded from my memory while dodging donkey drawn carts and mopeds. There are many memories of how confusing it was to get around in the city with labyrinthine alleyways with few if any signs to navigate by, savage heat beating down on the dusty streets, and the startling beauty that wound throughout the city’s ancient architecture. Perhaps one of the most empowering moments of my life was getting lost in the souks and using the compass app on my phone to find my way out!  While the comfort of having a digital navigator would have saved me all kinds of stress and I might have seen more sights…I think I saw more of an authentic Marrakech than many do now with that magical modern convenience.  I saved the paper map I guarded during my walks – this map was my life preserver – it is the most precious thing I brought back with me.   What better way to share the experience then by incorporating this map into something that more people can enjoy – and have a little piece of Africa in their home?